How to get in touch with me

Here’s my permanent address at my site:

Arianna Pattek, PCV
Bureau CISCO
Andapa 205

Please write! And send packages! See my “wish list” page if you need any ideas. But seriously, I love receiving mail and even if it’s something that seems mundane to you, I promise it will make my whole day.

Some mail/package tips:

Be sure to write “Airmail” and “Par Avion” on the envelope/package

Write the address in RED ink

Draw/write religious symbols or words on the outside of letters and packages to reduce mail tampering (Draw crosses, write Bible verses or messages such as “Jesus is watching” and “Jesus loves you” all over the package/tape)

If you send a package, include an itemized list so I know if anything is missing

Number your letters so I can keep them in order and know if any are missing

Don’t declare a value over $10 and list items as “used” on the customs slip

Do not declare the package as anything tempting such as “clothing” or “candy” – be general and use words such as “religious materials” or “teaching materials”

If you are sending a postcard, place it inside of an envelope to discourage post office workers the temptation of displaying it on the walls of the post office

Use GREEN Customs Form from USPS if sending a package.

The best way to mail packages is through USPS. They have various sized envelopes and boxes ranging from small magazine sized envelopes to larger Flat Rate boxes. I recommend using their Flat Rate boxes and filling them to their limit – you get the most for your money.

FedEx, UPS, DHL are very expensive and Express Mail is never express. DO NOT use DHL!

You can also reach me via email: ! I’ll check this the most!


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